Get ready for the debut of the new phase of creators at the Collective by Cloud 11 event

Get ready for the debut of the new phase of creators at the Collective by Cloud 11 event

The world of technology is the current way of life. Regardless of how one leads their life, technology is integrated into every moment. It has continuously driven development and transformation, impacting every industry, including the realm of creators and designers. In every process, from conceiving ideas to creating, and even to showcasing works to the public, modern technology plays a crucial role. infusing creativity with novelty and heightened interest. For this reason, Cloud 11 invites all creators to experience the most innovative and technologically advanced creative festival in Thailand, 'Collective by Cloud 11,' where cutting-edge technology drives creativity to new heights! 

Collective by Cloud 11 is a creator festival born out of the intention to showcase the results of integrating technology into the culture of creators. Through creativity, these creators generate inspiration and share their ideas with others. Collaboration among creators from various fields is facilitated by technology, fostering the creation of innovative and compelling works. This initiative not only transforms the landscape of the Thai Creator Community, making it more robust and secure but also provides new creators with opportunities to grow and play crucial roles in pushing creative endeavors to a global level.

The first-ever Creator Festival in Thailand, taking place on November 18-19, 2566, introduces the concept of Creator Labs. This initiative invites everyone to explore the large-scale experimental spaces of leading-edge creators, who blend ideas from various test tubes with modern tools and equipment, creating a festival that offers a new experiential dimension through various sensory stimuli. The event unfolds within the intriguing structure of the Modernism-era FEHALAB building, located on Sukhumvit Road, with DUCTSTORE as the main hub. Over 50 expert creators from film, art, commercial, visual creation, and music come together to infuse vibrant energy into the building through five activity zones.

Collective Exhibitions

The exhibition zone will showcase works from creators, divided into two sub-zones. The first is 'Immersive Art,' a spectacular exhibition resulting from the fusion of technology and various art forms. This produces artworks that offer a new format for art appreciation, captivating the senses through tactile perception. The creative skills of four renowned artists will invite both established and emerging artists to collaborate and create together.

Kor.Bor.Vor x Square Dots,


Yellaban x Stupid Shit


PAVEE, Chalie N., DecideKit x Phum Viphurit


From Object Studio x Anofficerdies, Univertar.io, Youth Brush


The second sub-zone is 'Collective Arts,' a space that brings together art shops of prominent, innovative artists with distinctive styles. Featured are both seasoned artists with intriguing ideas and numerous emerging creative designers, all contributing to driving the art scene. This includes renowned artists such as Pimpaween Sunthontammarat (Punch), Yoon-Punnapat Techametakul, TEMPORARY WEST, Thanachai Ujjin (Pod ModernDog), Methee Noijinda (Methee Modern Dog), Nev3r, Kob B.O.R.E.D, Thitathat Thanachoktaweeprai (Tetat), and Kaewtarakan Julaboon.


In the Collective Arts zone, there will be a workshop on printmaking art by PPP Studio, featuring artworks from artists Yuree Kensaku and Mamablues. Additionally, there will be art shops showcasing works from artists and designers such as Tanasan Kanakasem, Dojo, Tu!!, Gumpoong, Asin, Bonus TMC, Vinn Patararin x Phannapast, as well as art shops from young artists or students from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Painting, and Printmaking at Silpakorn University.

The zone also includes a photo exhibition featuring two prominent photographers. The first is SIXTYSIX (Phon-Phon Kanjanathatkij), capturing the essence of the FEEHAH Lab building through the lens, providing a unique perspective. The second photographer is Chamni Thipmanee, a leading figure in the advertising photography industry, and founder of Chamni's Eye Studio. He presents a collection of fashion photographs that tell a story blending the past, present, and future, connecting through the context of the FEEHAH Lab building and the distinctiveness of the Avant-Grade fashion collection comprising five outfits designed by students from Rangsit University.


Collective Music Shows

Get ready to immerse yourself in a full-fledged Music Performance featuring Thai artists who will collaborate to breathe new life into this old Modernism-era architectural gem. AUTTA and WHAL & DOlPH, along with the vibrant sounds of the Day Time Club, will bring a spectrum of musical colors. Renowned DJs MJMA, Mae Happyair, Marmosets, Winkie B, and Club mascot will blend diverse musical cultures into this phase of the festival.

Collective Talks 

Prepare yourself for an engaging discussion in the zone that invites expert creators from various industries, including Film, Music Platform, Artist Platform, and Visual Artist, to come together, share perspectives, and exchange personal experiences on intriguing topics arising in the design industry in the age where technology is inevitably intertwined. The two-day program is as follows:

On November 18, from 14:00 to 16:00, Fungjai, Montonn Jira, and NINO of Hype Train Entertainment will explore "The Digital Revolution in Music: Transforming Creation, Distribution, and Consumption." This session delves into the revolutionary impact of digital technology on music, exploring creative processes, streaming platforms, and the digital era's music consumption habits.

On November 18, from 16:20 to 17:40, Pannathorn, Parut, Metakawee, Chinnatip, discuss "How do you best approach the technological implementation of your work in the creative process?" This session invites exploration of the most effective ways to leverage modern technology in the creative workflow.

On November 19, from 14:00 to 16:00, KOR.BOR.VOR, DICDE KIT, and POMME CHAN explore "The Evolution of Design and Technology Over the Past Decade," engaging in a conversation about the advancements and progress of technology impacting design and the art scene over the past decade.

On November 19, from 16:20 to 17:40, IGLOO STUDIO and the Thai producer team from the sci-fi film 'The Creator' delve into "The Impact of Technology on Storytelling: From Script to Screen." This session explores the influence of technology on storytelling in the film and animation industry, from the scriptwriting process to the works projected on the screen.

Collective Food & Beverage

Indulge in a variety of cuisines carefully selected to offer everyone a delightful taste experience. These restaurants and beverages serve as a pitstop to recharge and refuel before immersing yourself in the other creative experiences at the event.

Collective Networking Session

The Networking Session in Studio 11206 opens up a space for event attendees to experience a new form of conversation. This session aims to connect people with similar interests, fostering interactions that lead to increased networking. Participants have the opportunity to get acquainted, exchange ideas, and engage in discussions on various topics through the theme 'Talk That Talk: Does AI Dream of Electric Sheep?' The session covers contemporary issues to generate new connections within the Creator Community. It aims to inspire and promote creative thinking that may lead to interesting developments, ultimately elevating Thai creators to a global level.


The Networking Session will be open for participation on both days, with three sessions each day: 14:20 – 15:20, 15:40 – 16:40, and 17:00 – 18:00. Interested individuals can reserve a seat for each session, with a limit of 20 participants per round. Advanced seat reservations will be available, and more details will be announced soon.

Those interested in participating in Collective by Cloud 11 can join for free throughout the two-day festival. Advance registration is available at https://bit.ly/COLLECTIVE2023 to be a part of the exciting new experiences in each zone

See you at the Collective by Cloud 11 event at the Phihalab Building (Phihalab) on November 18-19, 2023, from 2:00 PM to 8:00 PM. Easily accessible by BTS, get off at the Punnawithi station, Exit 2.

By fully immersing yourself in Collective by Cloud 11 and actively participating in the community, maximize your experience and take your creativity to new heights. Join us and let’s embark on this creative journey together.
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